Micaela Chiac selected to the DESIGN team of the Interamerican Youth Network

The Belize Scout Foundation congratulates Venture Scout Micaela Chiac on her recent appointment as a member of the DESIGN working team of the Interamerican Youth Network.

Micaela was born on October 9, 2001 in Belize City. Her parents Benedicto Chiac Sr. (deceased) and Maria Lourdes Mai allowed her to join the Cub Scouts at the tender age of seven along with her two other siblings, Benedicto Jr. and Ryan.


She moved from the Cub Scout Section when she was 11 years and onwards to be a Venture Scout when she turned fifteen. In total she has been in Scouting for 13 years, four years as a Venture Scout.

As a Scout and Venture Scout she served as camp staff at numerous camps and her experience as a young leader did not go unnoticed as she was selected to attend the 2nd Train the Trainers-CAL Course in El Salvador in 2019.

Micaela’s GOAL in Scouting is to share her experience with the young people of Belize and the world to show that nothing is impossible once you put your mind to it. She also wants to contribute positively with innovative ideas and with the design and promotion of the youth program to the best of her ability so that it becomes more attractive for young people. Her advice to young people, “Join Scouting because it changes your life for the better to become responsible, honest, loyal and trustworthy and the experience gained will serve you through your adult life”.

Micaela is a member of the 9th Belize St. Ignatius Scout Group under the leadership of Kirk Lainfiesta. She is also currently the treasurer for the Belize City Venture Scouts and a member of the Educational Proposal Team for The Scout Association of Belize.


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Earth Day Celebration

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Our total admiration.


The Belize Scout Foundation joins in expressing its sympathy to everyone being affected by the Corona Virus COVID-19. 

The Chairman Dr. Rene Villanueva conveys his admiration to doctors and nurses throughout the country working to alleviate suffering for those affected and the general populace who are doing their best following the established protocols to control the spread of the virus.

Also, to the policemen and officers and other military personnel who are fulfilling their responsibilities in a professional manner ensuring that our laws are in effect to further prevent the spread of the virus.

To the media for putting out timely and sharing information on new developments as it becomes available.

And to all others who are in some way contributing to alleviate suffering and the spread of the virus.

You have our total admiration.

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Happy Easter

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