History of Scouting in Belize

History of Scouting in Belize – Nicholas Ruiz, youngest Venture Scout to receive “THE QUEEN’S SCOUT AWARD” IN BELIZE

Queen’s Scout Edguin Castellanos received the award on February 24, 1996 along with Khendis Ellis both from the 1st Orange Walk Scout Group. Unfortunately, I don’t have any background information on Khendis so I am unable to post his profile. The following year Marlon McNab from 1st Belize Holy Redeemer received the award on February 16, 1997, again, unfortunately, I have no background information on Marlon. It wasn’t until eight years after that history was made as follows.

On July 30, 2005 17-year-old Venture Scout from 9th Belize St. Ignatius Venture Scout Unit made history in Belizean Scouting. At a reception held at the Princess Hotel on Saturday, July 30, 2005, under the auspice of His Excellency the Governor-General of Belize, Sir Colville N. Young, Venture Scout Nicholas Ruiz made history by becoming the youngest Belizean Scout to be awarded the Queen’s Scout award. This Award, known under other names worldwide, is the highest award in Scouting for young people.

The award is earned by working in five areas:

1) Outdoors and environment; 2) Community involvement; 3) Relationship with others; 4) International dimensions, which include attending camps and learning about other cultures 5) Design for living, which entails setting goals for lifetime careers and working towards those goals.

In his congratulatory message to the awardee, Hilberto Riverol, Executive Director for The Scout Association, reminded all present that becoming a Scout is a choice made of one’s free will and by so doing a person accepts to live his or her life by a code of conduct that every Scout around the world lives by daily. He added that receiving the Queen’s Scout Award is not the end, but the continuation of the road that they have chosen.

The ceremony also included a testimonial given by Nicholas Ruiz. He said, “Scouting began for me at the age of eleven and after six years in the program I gained many invaluable experiences and even earned the Scout Religious Award which is the foundation of my Scouting popularity and a big part of who I am. Scouting gave me the opportunity to be more independent and responsible, and has helped me to form my future life goals and career” he concluded by thanking Group Scout Leader Luigi Heredia for his unconditional support towards achieving the award.

Currently, Queen’s Scout Ruiz is a primary school teacher at St. Joseph Primary School and has achieved the following qualifications:

• Full License to teach – Primary Level
• Certificate in Primary Education
• Diploma in “Teacher’s Aides”
• Associate Degree in General Studies

He also has the following certifications:

• Certificate in Lay Ministry/Religious Education
4 Intermediate Theology Courses
Ecclesiology, Christian Morality, Christology, Liturgy

• Certificate in Lay Ministry/Religious Education
4 Basic Theology Courses
Vatican II, Scripture, Sacramental Theology, Religious Education Methods

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Primary Education.

We at the Belize Scout Foundation appreciate the value of the Scout program which molds young people in exemplary role models. You are going in the right direction Nicholas and we at the Belize Scout Foundation are very much proud of your achievements. Congratulations

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