History of Scouting in Belize

History of Scouting in Belize
April 27, 2020

Our first male Queen’s Scout in Belize was Mr. John Waight from the 2nd Belize Holy Redeemer Scout Troop who received the award on July 11, 1962, followed by Robert (Bobby) Leslie from the 1st Belize Holy Redeemer Scout Troop in 1965 and Robert Cadle from the 5th Belize St. Mary’s Scout Troop in 1969.

During the next 19 years no one received the award. Then in 1989 Venture Scout Colin Faux, a member of the 4th Belize Wesley Venture Scout Unit received the award. I recall vividly going through the Queen’s Scout requirements with Colin sometimes late at night at his house because during that time he was also attending high school which was very demanding but he still found time for his Scouting activities.

Colin served as a primary school teacher for 19 years and is currently serving his country as a Constable Police Officer and holds the office of Quartermaster and Armorer for the Police Department. Prior to this he served the Police Department as a Corporal when he was shot in the line of duty in 2005 for which he received the Belizean Patriot Award in 2005 for Meritorious Service and Bravery in the line of duty.

Colin also served as a Cadet Officer in the Belize Defence Force.


I hereby present to you Queen’s Scout Colin Faux, our fourth Queen’s Scout in Belize.


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