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History of Scouting in Belize

History of Scouting in Belize

We should now know that there are seven female Queen’s Scouts in Belize? In 2005 Victoria Burgos became the first female Queen’s Scout followed by Lisette Ordonez in 2007. Seven years after in 2014, four more females received the award, Kesilyn Lizama and Alexandria Smith from National Headquarters Venture Scout Unit, Aidian Flowers from 27th Cayo Santa Elena Jaguars Venture Scout Unit and Lisa Gideon from 14th Belize Sandhill Pancotto Venture Scout Unit. The seventh female Queen’s Scout in Belize is Reese Medina who received the award from His Excellency the Governor-General Sir Colville N. Young on November 4, 2017.

Reese is a member of the 27th Cayo Santa Elena Jaguars Venture Scout Unit.

Congratulations Reese and once again to the other six amazing young females for achieving the highest award in the Venture Scout program.

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