Scouts Belize District receive $500.00 worth in coupons

Scouts Belize District receive $500.00 worth in coupons from the Taiwan Embassy

On June 19, 2019, at the Scout office on St. Thomas Street, Mr. Riverol handed over the coupons to the Chairman of the Belize District Scout Assembly Scout Leader Kirk Lainfiesta for distribution among the underprivileged Scouts in his district.

Scout Leader Kirk Lainfiesta receiving coupons from Executive Director Hilberto B. Riverol

According to Mr. Lainfiesta, some 40 Scouts are expected to be at the fair where Sir Colville N. Young, Governor-General of Belize will be in attendance as a VIP guest.

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Donations from the Taiwan Embassy in Belize

Scouts receive $500.00 worth in coupons from the Taiwan Embassy

Today June 17, 2019, Executive Director for The Belize Scout Foundation Hilberto B. Riverol received from The Republic of China (Taiwan) on behalf of Sir Colville N. Young, Governor-General and Patron of the Foundation, $500.00 worth of coupons for underprivileged Scouts to purchase food, drinks and even cultural handicrafts at the “Taiwan Belize It Friendship Fair” celebrating 30 years of diplomatic relations between Belize and the Republic of China (Taiwan) to be held on Saturday June 22, 2019 at the Memorial Park in Belize City.

Mrs. Bi-yin CHIEN, Deputy Counselor Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Presenting Coupons

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Happy father’s day!

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Facts about The Belize Scout Foundation

Did you know?

November 8, 2003

Cub Leaders Receive Training on the use of new Cub Scout Leaders Handbook

Cub Scout Leaders from the Corozal, Belize and Cayo Districts were introduced to a new training handbook for Leaders of that Section at a one-day training workshop that was held on Saturday, November 8, 2003, at the Scout Headquarters conference room.

Published in 1998 by the Interamerican Scout Office as part of the development strategy for the region and the Methodology for the Continuous Update of the Scout Program (MACPRO), this handbook forms part of the new training program for Cub Scouts in Belize.

This new handbook is geared to provide a concrete educational tool based on a solid theoretical approach.  The content, language and style of this book are designed to encourage the Leader to think long and hard about what it means to educate children.

It is designed to highlight the importance of contributing to the development of all the dimensions of a child’s personality.  It explains a non-confrontational, non-formal educational process, which makes the most of the special time available in leisure time.

Mrs. Alma Eiley, a member of the National Training Team of the Association conducted the training workshop.  She was a participant at the revision of the work in English and its adoption to the situation of the Caribbean Scout Associations that was carried out at a Seminar held at Gilwell Park, London, England in 1998.

The new training program for the Cub Scout Section was launched during Scout Week in February of 2004.

The Belize Scout Foundation was pleased to contribute $1,000.00 towards the cost of materials and food for this event.

The Belize Scout Foundation – “Investing in a better Belize”

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